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2024 Summit Theme

The Power of
Human Connection

In this new era of artificial intelligence, we explore new ways to embrace technology to empower the core of what makes coaching impactful -
the human connection.

At the heart of every coaching journey is the profound bond between coach and client - a connection that goes beyond the application of a methodology. Together, we'll explore the nuances of neuroscience, disruption, and effective engagement in the light of leveraging technology to enrich them.

How can we embrace technological advancements to enhance, rather than eliminate, the human connection?

14 Years Of Coaching Excellence

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“I have been attending the Summit for several years and have come to cherish the incredible speakers, as well as the Implementation Mastery and Round Table sessions. These sessions provide me with the opportunity to discuss concepts and ideas and apply them directly to my coaching practice. The community I have cultivated over the years has proven invaluable, fostering friendships, facilitating business engagements, and offering abundant learning opportunities. This is precisely why joining the Summit will prove advantageous for you.”

Lisa Chenofsky Singer, PCC Business & Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 1

“The Coaching Mastery sessions offer an unparalleled opportunity for coaches at every stage of their journey to immerse themselves in a wealth of expertise spanning diverse topics and perspectives. From cutting-edge research in neuroscience to insights from organizational behavior, psychology, coaching methodologies, and beyond, attendees are exposed to the latest advancements through engaging presentations, discussions, and demonstrations. Following each main session, the Implementation Mastery sessions provide a unique chance for intimate, facilitated discussions among colleagues from around the globe. This blend of high-caliber content and intimate collaboration creates a deeply enriching and transformative experience unlike any other.“

Heather T. Business & Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 2?v2

“Engaging in the Summit has been an enriching journey, one that has not only enhanced my coaching skills but also deepened my dedication to mindfulness and holistic personal development. Transitioning from the high-tech domain to focusing on leadership and coaching, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a global event like the Summit. The diversity of perspectives and the depth of content presented at the Summit have proven invaluable, offering insights and strategies that harmonize seamlessly with my professional practice.“

David P. Business & Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 3

“Attending the Summit sessions by global thought leaders, authors, and practitioners stands out as one of the most rewarding investments of my time. With a multitude of speakers available, there's consistently a variety of topics that resonate with both me and my coaching practice. While these sessions consistently enrich my coaching expertise, the true value lies in the actionable tools and ideas I glean from each presentation. There's invariably at least one gem that I can immediately integrate into my coaching repertoire, ensuring tangible benefits from every session.“

Barbara H. Business & Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 4

’’The Coaching Summit is a unique gathering of brilliant minds and passionate individuals in the coaching industry, offering a platform for learning, networking, and growth. Covering a vast array of topics, from advanced coaching techniques to the latest trends in personal development and leadership, each session is carefully curated to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies. With thought leaders, experts, and practitioners sharing their knowledge and experiences, the Summit is both inspiring and empowering. Whether you're a seasoned coach refining your skills or new to coaching, there's something for everyone here.’’

Deepak D. Business and Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 5

’’The Summit provides an extraordinary opportunity to learn from other coaches, to hear cutting-edge ideas and approaches, and continually enhance knowledge, skills, and ability. It's a dynamic platform where coaches gather to exchange experiences, explore innovative strategies, and deepen their understanding of the ever-evolving coaching landscape.’’

Lynne F. Business and Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 6

’’As a career and leadership transition coach, the Summit offers me the most thought-provoking content in coaching (principles, theories, and coaching demonstrations...) as well as knowledge, insights, and practices in the business and coaching industry. As a facilitator for Implementation Master Sessions (IM), I collaborate with coaches worldwide to deepen our understanding of the presentations. Through our conversations, we aim to apply new techniques, tools, and insights in our coaching practices, thereby enhancing our impact on our clients. The Summit is essential for me as a coach for continuous learning and sustainable development.’’

Liru W. Career and Leadership Transition Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 7

’’As a coach, I've found the Summit to be invaluable—a true game-changer. Attending for several years, I've seen it transform my practice. The digital format gathers diverse speakers and offers multiple learning spaces to suit individual preferences. Live sessions and accessible recordings allow me to revisit content conveniently, staying updated on coaching trends. What truly distinguishes this event are the Implementation Mastery Sessions. These sessions deepen our understanding of key topics and foster real-time discussions on practical applications, promoting dynamic engagement and collaboration among participants.’’

Gemma B. Learning Facilitator, Trainer, and EMCC Coach Summit -  pages sq24 slider reviews txt 8
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The Summit draws
participants from 150+
countries worldwide! Summit -  pages sq24 flags left Summit -  pages sq24 flags right

" delivers a cutting-edge solution that really helps make running a coaching business a lot easier, less time consuming, and seamless. really understands the coaching process and has helped me free up time to focus on what matters most.” Summit -  pages sq24 sl btm 1

Joe Casey Principal, Princeton Executive

“ provides the most advanced coaching management software I've seen after nearly 30 years in the industry. The design is beautiful, intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate and scale their coaching practice.” Summit -  pages sq24 sl btm 2

Damian Goldvarg, PhD Former Global Chair of ICF

‘’Attending the Summit has given me so many opportunities to connect with amazing thought-leaders and exceptional coaches whom I can learn from.“ Summit -  pages sq24 sl btm 3

Samia K Business & Executive Coach

“If there was a way to score, 10 is the highest score it would not be enough for the live coaching session I attended at the Summit. The thought leader authentically, energetically, and wholeheartedly demonstrated "being" the coach - simply and with so much love. Thank you does not seem like enough and, yet, trusting the lessons of this session, it is what my heart feels deeply.“ Summit -  pages sq24 sl btm 4

Karina A. Business & Executive Coach

“I value the IM sessions because they help me to connect more of the dots between the Summit sessions and the actual work that clients are calling for today. Additionally, this is the quality networking that helps me to find people to interview for my podcast and to seek out partners for projects that exceed my capacity.“ Summit -  pages sq24 sl btm 5

Shannon Judge Business and Executive Coach

“Such powerful, timely impactful, and inspiring sessions! I'm so grateful to learn from industry pioneer speakers and their practical, applicable tools to help coaches in this challenging time.“ Summit -  pages sq24 sl btm 6

David B. Business and Executive Coach Summit -  pages sq24 sq24 megapack bonus background

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Courageous and Compassionate Empathy Tip Sheet

Marcia Reynolds Summit -  pages sq24 megapack 2

Practical Tips to Coach the Whole of the Client

Jean-Francois Cousin Summit -  pages sq24 megapack 3

Strike Zone Tool

Liane Davey Summit -  pages sq24 megapack 4

Book Chapter: Performance Paradox

Eduardo Briceño Summit -  pages sq24 megapack 5

Book Chapter: Own Your Armor

Michelle Brody Summit -  pages sq24 megapack 6

Coaching Session Scheduling Tool

Nir Eyal

We’ve collaborated with influential thought leaders in the coaching industry to curate this value-packed collection. These resources are designed to elevate your coaching skills and empower your journey.

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