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Attended by coaches from:
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Featured Speakers Include:
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Award-winning Researcher and Tenured Professor at Harvard Business School

No.1 Executive Coach in the World (Marshall Goldsmith LGC Awards)

Named 'Diversity Leader of the Year' by the Diversity Leadership Alliance

Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Leadership at MIT & Bestselling Author

Bestselling Author and Leader of People and Performance research at ADP Research Institute

Global Relationship & Empowerment Expert

Bestselling Author of The Coaching Habit

Executive Director at the Canadian Center of Brief Coaching

Award-Winning Author, Psychologist, and Leadership Coach

Professor of Leadership at Anderson University and Director of Education at the Institute of Coaching

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The Power of Coaching

In the last year, coaching has asserted its value in new places - and to unprecedented levels. More than ever, our work is seen as critical in shaping careers and workplace cultures. What we do as coaches today will define the world we live in tomorrow. The question remains, however: what will we make of all this potential?

How can we apply coaching to change individuals, organizations, and even society for the better? This is your opportunity to learn directly from leading influencers and innovators, to co-create the future alongside them, and to realize the full power of coaching.

This is the only online event of its kind, where you can learn from coaching’s most respected and renowned thought leaders absolutely 100% FREE of charge.

What comes next for our
established and expanding
coaching industry?

Here’s What
People Are Saying

” If there was a way to score, 10 is the highest score it would not be enough for the live coaching session I attended at WBECS Pre-Summit. The thought leader authentically, energetically, and wholeheartedly demonstrated “being” the coach – simply and with so much love. Thank you does not seem like enough and, yet, trusting the lessons of this session, it is what my heart feels deeply.”

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Karina A.
Business & Executive Coach

” I value the IM sessions because they help me to connect more of the dots between the Pre-Summit sessions and the actual work that clients are calling for today. Additionally, this is the quality networking that helps me to find people to interview for my podcast and to seek out partners for projects that exceed my capacity. ”

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Shannon J.
Leadership Coach

”Such powerful, timely impactful, and inspiring sessions! I’m so grateful to learn from industry pioneer speakers and their practical, applicable tools to help coaches in this challenging time.”

WBECS 2023 - https:  wbecs ongoing.s3.amazonaws.com wbecs ongoing wp content uploads 2023 05 04143223 rev david b
David B.
Leadership Coach

” Brilliant sessions! The coaching frameworks from the Pre-Summit sessions are fantastic eye-openers for us, professional coaches.Thank you Coaching.com for this excellent free opportunity. ”

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Maria K.
Business & Executive Coach

” Insights I learned from the Pre-Summit sessions are a great paradigm shift in thinking. Helped me so much to reinvent my coaching practice and get better clients. ”

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Terry C.
Business and Executive Coach

‘’I've had the pleasure of attending the Summit for the last four years, and I can't think of a better place to bring your learning up to the next level. World-class coaching experts, interactive, digital learning, and it provides a variety of dynamic and cutting-edge coaching approaches and disciplines that you can explore and apply in your own coaching practice. Since I've been attending, it has given me a variety of models that I can try and apply in my coaching practice and expand what I can provide to my clients.’’

Leanne Costantino
Business and Executive Coach

‘’This will be the 8th time that I will attend the Pre-Summit. I have access to world-class coaching experts and leaders. I learned a lot of knowledge, skills, strategies, and coaching models and really had the chance to actually learn from coaches. As an independent coach, it's very important to have those inner conversations, share insights and learn together. Pre-Summit made my world brighter and bigger.’’

Sonja Vlaar
Business and Executive Coach

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Your All-Access Pass
To The World’s Leading Business
And Executive Coaching Event

Learn from 40+ coaching industry pioneers at no cost when you attend the 13th annual WBECS Pre-Summit. Access sessions from anywhere in the world with just the click of a button!

40+ Live Sessions

Learn remotely from the world’s leading experts on the latest and most dynamic coaching disciplines.

Live Coaching Demos

See how top coaches implement their teachings in live coaching sessions - and how you can too.


A rare opportunity to join vibrant discussions between coaching masters on highly relevant coaching topics.

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Mastery Sessions

Dive deep into the practical application of your learning with colleagues from around the world. Enjoy these sessions in a variety of languages.

72 Hour Replay

Available exclusively to Pre-Summit registrants.

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Coach Community

An exclusive community of like-minded, professional coaches dedicated to improving their skills and growing their business.

‘’WBECS Pre-Summit is one of those things that because they actually make the information digestible and because they bring out the top leaders and because they continue to challenge the way that we think, but they also continue to challenge the way that they deliver information. It's actually one of the best things that I've done when it comes to ongoing leadership training. So you can try it for yourself by joining the Summit. What have you got to lose?’’

Marc Wolfe
Business & Executive Coach

‘’Whatever WBECS brings to the table is quality. You guys have garnered people that I can trust, that when I'm listening to what they're saying, it truly is valid. There's not a time that I sit in a session that I don't leave with copious notes and things that I immediately go try in my practice.’’

Lissa Qualls
Business & Executive Coach

The Implementation Mastery Sessions
That Coaches Love - Completely FREE!

Implementation Mastery (IM) sessions are the most popular way to take your Pre-Summit learning even deeper!

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Run by a highly skilled team of Facilitators, these sessions allow you to explore the practical application of your learning. Make new friends and connections with other growth-minded coaches from around the world. Plus, enjoy these sessions in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, and more.

During past Pre-Summits, every single Implementation Mastery session has reached maximum capacity. Coaches tell us these sessions are their favorite part of the Pre-Summit - and you can experience them for FREE.

This year, we’ve added even more IM sessions to better meet your needs.

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Simply register for the complimentary Pre-Summit today, then sign up for as many IM sessions as you would like to attend. It’s that simple!


‘’Because of the Implementation Mastery sessions, what are you taking from the presentation that you can bring into your coaching, your practice, or your life? The content that you get is not just for your professional life. You get to use it for your personal world as well. It's a rich learning sandbox all the way through.’’

David Taylor-Klaus
Business & Executive Coach

‘’The WBECS Pre-Summit provides a unique opportunity. It's a much-needed space where coaches can learn and explore from world-class coaching experts. What I love most about the Pre-Summit are those deep dive conversations that we have with our fellow coaches during the Implementation Mastery Sessions, because the wisdom, the knowledge, the relationships, and the resources that I have gained from them have been absolutely invaluable.’’

Barbara Blatzstone
Executive and Positive Leadership Coach

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Customize Your Pre-Summit
Experience With Themed
Learning Tracks

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Interested in a specific coaching topic? Then our themed learning tracks are the best way to get the most out of your Pre-Summit experience. Instantly identify the sessions that will be the most impactful for YOU. Choose from a variety of learning tracks such as:

  • Business Strategies for Coaches
  • Coach Development
  • Coaching Demonstration
  • Coaching Models & Methodologies
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • HR & Learning Development
  • Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Neuroscience
  • Organizational Development
  • Orientation
  • Team Coaching
  • Team Dynamics
  • Wellbeing
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Earn 5 CCEUs
By Participating
In The Pre-Summit

ICF Members can claim up to 5 complimentary CCEUs by participating in the Pre-Summit. If you decide to continue your learning with the Full Summit, you can claim up to 248.5 CCEUs, depending on the membership package you select.

*248.5 CCEUs are available when you participate in the Pre-Summit and the Full Summit.

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Earn 5 SHRM Credits
By Participating
In The Pre-Summit

SHRM Members can claim up to 5 complimentary SHRM credits by participating in the Pre-Summit. If you decide to continue your learning with the Full Summit, you can claim up to 250 SHRM credits, depending on the membership package you select.

*250 SHRM credits are available when you participate in the Pre-Summit and the Full Summit.

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Unlock instant access to a FREE subscription to the Coaching.com software platform!

Coaching.com, a comprehensive platform for coaches, enables you to manage, track and control every aspect of your coaching practice, including invoicing, progress tracking, scheduling, and more.

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5 FREE Coaching Tools!

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Marcia Reynolds

A coaching tool from Marcia Reynolds on how to close a coaching session.

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Liane Davey

An office vs. virtual working coaching tool from Liane Davey.

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Jean-Francois Cousin

10 tips and insights to coach at your best from Jean-Francois Cousin.

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Honorée Corder

“You Must Write A Book”, an e-book by Honoree Corder.

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Dan Newby

A coaching tool from Dan Newby for emotions-centered coaching.


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About WBECS by Coaching.com

Last year, WBECS and Coaching.com joined forces. Now, everything coaching is all in one place. Coaching.com is now the only coaching solution you’ll ever need.

WBECS is renowned for its exceptional coaching education events, and has the largest network of coaches in the world. Coaching.com is the leading software platform for coaches. These two components together create a comprehensive operating platform for coaches, housing everything a coach could want in one destination.

As the leader in coaching software and continuing coach education, we partner with the world’s leading experts in the industry, offering interactive and digital learning experiences that enable our community to grow and shape their coaching skills more deeply.

Frequently Asked Questions

The World Business and Executive Coach Pre-Summit (WBECS) by Coaching.com is the world’s leading, annual, online event for professional coaches. Now in its 13th year, WBECS by Coaching.com brings together over 40+ of the world’s top coaching industry thought leaders, to deliver high-quality, digital learning opportunities to a global community.

The mission of the WBECS by Coaching.com Pre-Summit is to offer coaches access to the highest caliber of training, impactful content, tools, and thought leadership. The intention is to raise the global standard of coaching, empowering coaches to transform lives for the better.

WBECS Pre-Summit and Full Summit is a 100% digital learning experience. That means you can learn from wherever you are, as long as you have a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and reliable internet connection! The main speaker sessions will be held live in a webinar-style format. 

The WBECS Summit takes place in 2 stages. First, there is the FREE WBECS Pre-Summit, which runs for approximately 2.5 weeks. It is offered at no cost and designed to give coaches a glimpse of what they can expect from The WBECS Full Summit – the main event, which begins in July and runs throughout the year. The Pre-Summit is 100% complimentary – with no obligation to purchase a Full Summit pass.

Whether you are new to the coaching profession or an experienced coach, The Pre-Summit is absolutely right for you! This event gives you easier access to cutting-edge coaching tools, frameworks, and methodologies that you can use to instantly uplevel the quality of your coaching provision.

Joining the WBECS Pre-Summit allows you to:

  • Gain a sustainable, competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Learn new skills to help you generate more high-quality coaching leads
  • Convert your leads into premium, long-term clients and retain them
  • Connect and network with some of the most successful coaches in the world
  • Access the latest tools, techniques, strategies, tactics, and innovations that are moving the industry forward
  • Get better results for your clients within less time
  • Gain confidence in your ability as a coach and expert
  • Increase your income streams in innovative ways 
  • Learn at your own pace and really MASTER the material – because you can play and replay all the sessions, when and where you want
  • Enjoy all of this from wherever you happen to be without having to disrupt your workflow, or go through the hassle of expensive or time-consuming travel

An IM Session is an optional session that takes place 15 minutes after each of the main speaker presentations in the Pre-Summit. They provide a space for you and your peers to discuss the content presented by the speaker, and determine how best to implement what you’ve learned into your coaching practice.

45 minutes during The Pre-Summit. 

ICF members can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to earn up to 5.25 free CCEUs by attending The Pre-Summit sessions
  • Access to all Pre-Summit Recordings through July 1, 2023.
  • A unique ICF Concierge Support Team  
  • Attend up to 7 Pre-Summit sessions (each session offers 0.75 CCEUs. Attending 7 sessions will get you 5.25 CCEUs)
  • If you attend an IM Session, you can use that CCEU towards your 5.25 free CCEUs

At the end of the Pre-Summit, we will send you an email with a link to download your certificate.

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